the most long-overdue technology for the independent agent.

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The Aggregated Client Service Technology for the
next generation of independent agent

Carrier Client Portal Adoption is Low

Independent insurance channel clients buy from agents, not carriers. This is one of the many reasons why carrier portal adoption is under 20%.

Clients Have On-Demand Service Expectations

With no real piece of technology available that allows an agency to offer "their" own branded service platform, agents are forced to spend exorbitant amounts of time and money to meet their client's service demands.

More Carriers Entering the Channel

With more and more carriers flooding the independent insurance channel, confusion and frustration from the consumer is at an all-time high.

What does carrier integrations to glovebox
mean for Your agents & Policyholders?

The Very First Agency Branded Technology Connection For Clients

Using direct API connections to independent channel carriers, policyholders can now handle all of their tier 1 service requests without needing their agent if they choose. Linking in their writing agency with branding and communication tools, the client has a truly logical independent channel experience.
  • Pick your carrier(s). Link your account. Link your agency.
  • Policyholder always has actual, most up-to-date documents.
  • Branded to the writing agency means the client always has their agency top of mind.

Our Goal, Leveraging Resources

Running a successful independent agency means leveraging your time to create more opportunity. GloveBox solves this.
  • Cutting 50% of tier 1 service requests means agencies have MORE time to sell MORE insurance.
  • Re-allocating service costs into hiring MORE agents means selling MORE insurance.
  • Freeing up valuable CSR time for higher level retention activities means saving MORE accounts and selling MORE cross sells.

Built With The Policyholder In Mind

Not every client wants to be told they MUST speak with their agent every time a service need arises. In fact many consumers are perfectly content handling simple service items themselves. GloveBox gives the client the option of how they would like service accomplished, a true omni-channel approach.
  • See policy docs, pay a bill, initiate a claim, check telematics and so much more.
  • Easy multi-channel communication options directly to your agent when needed.
  • Service technology that is a true reflection of what the independent channel was built on...options!
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Phase 1 Development Roadmap

Earning the trust of the independent insurance channel client

Policy Documents

Pulling actual policy documents and auto ID cards with updated policy status.

Simplified billing

Offering push notifications to users with billing notices and the functionality to pay a bill on demand.

GloveBox Key

Using a custom IVANS integration, policyholders can access and set up their GloveBox with ease.

Phase 2 Development Roadmap

New customer features never before seen in the independent channel

Auto/Home Telematics

Now, adoption and management of carrier telematics programs is a breeze

GloveBox Feed

Carrier and agency communication with your policyholders has never been more incubated and effective until now.

Family GloveBox

Sharing only the most pertinent policy information with youthful family members delivers accurate info, establishes early carrier branding and creates a more educated insurance consumer.


As a checks and balances for both agents and consumers, GloveBox users can now add and pay for certain policy endorsements with GloveBox AI reading technology.

Claim Connect

Taking the stress out the of the claims process, GloveBox Claim Connect creates a truly aggregated and transparent forum for the handling of claims.

Apple Wallet/ Google Passbook

Using the latest mobile technology, GloveBox users can store their most updated policy documents in an easy-to-access fashion.

Our Feature Roadmap


Coming Soon!

GloveBox is presently working on features like:
  • Bill Pay - monitor & pay bills fast
  • Apple Wallet - secure when showing ID cards
  • Claim Connect - simplified claims process to resolution
  • Family GloveBox - everyone stays up to date with docs
  • Weather Detect - alerts to prepare for weather
  • Agent Connect - convenient communication
  • Policy Alert - alerts important changes
  • Policy Compare - automated AI to reviews

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