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Boost Retention. Reduce Service Calls. Generate Revenue.

Fastest way to meet your clients where they're at & take one giant leap into the future of insurance technology.

How GloveBox Agency Can Benefit Your Clients & Business

Your Brand Layered On The GloveBox App

GloveBox is a centralized mobile app pulling actual insurance documents from carriers. Home with one carrier and auto with another? No problem, all client policy docs at their fingertips in one location.
  • The power of individual carrier apps wrapped into one but with so much more.
  • Take the GloveBox app your clients are already using, but add your logo and connection info.
  • When clients think insurance, they see your brand, can connect with you, or refer you to a friend.

Your Clients Are Asking For This

Insurance is only becoming more segmented & increasing numbers of people are not bundling. Clients are looking for simple technology to handle insurance, so help them.
  • Reduce client confusion on who their agent and carrier are and how to interact with their policies.
  • Clients want simple access to auto id cards and policies without having to call their agent and hunt them down.
  • Clients are searching for an all in one app, not multiple apps for multiple carriers and products which can also change every year.

Happy Clients = Increased Retention & Reduced Service Costs

Providing clients a solution is a big win for them and all rolls up to a better bottom line for your agency... just how much.
  • Clients are no longer frustrated with having to hunt down insurance docs and call you for them.
  • Roughly 70% of service calls are simple requests that can be handled by an app. What could you use those extra hours for?
  • More time and resources so you can focus on higher level activities in your business.

Generate Revenue... Yes!

Not only are you helping your clients but you have a paint by numbers way to add revenue.
  • During a claim, clients want to be bids from reputable companies. Help them and earn.
  • Features like bill pay and adding simple endorsements add premium and keep business on the books.
  • Insurance is changing fast with new products coming daily. GloveBox is committed to bringing you the best new products to help your clients.

We Know What You are Thinking

Do We Know Your Business?
You Bet.

A tech company built by agency owners for agency owners. Our team collectively grew an independent agency from a $5M t0 $100M in 6 years so we know the struggles.

Is GloveBox Secure?

Built utilizing AES 256-bit key encryption. With our standards in place, there would not be enough time in the universe for even the worlds most powerful supercomputer to break our encryption.

Difficult Set Up?
Not a Chance.

The easiest and fastest software to get up and running so you can focus on running a thriving agency.

Bring on GloveBox Agency Today

Boost Retention. Reduce Service Calls. Generate Revenue.

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